Winery Aleksandrović


The family Aleksandrovic with its wines is the leading Serbian private winery at present and it produces the wines exclusively from the grapes grown in its own 75 ha of vineyards. *Vineyards are grouped into three locations – Vinca, Jezevac and Bokanja – all within a range of a few kilometres from the winery, but which are characterised by different microclimates and type of soil. Soil types where the vineyards are planted belong to the brown forest soil and vertisol. These soils are light to medium heavy with a good water permeability and an excellent physical and chemical properties. They are characterised by a low humus level which in a combination with a gentle fertilization results in low yields and the best quality of the grapes. Jezevac hill is particularly characterised by its skeletal soil structure. On this specific location, the soil has very low content of humus but is rich in stones.

We carefully selected southern expositions, with a lot of sunshine, and rows were positioned in the north-south direction. A very good aeration of the Oplenac region is particularly beneficial, especially for Pinot Noir and Rhine Riesling. Altitude of the vineyards is from 250 – 350 meters (Vinca at around 300 meters, Jezevac between 300 – 350 meters and Bokanja between 250 – 350 meters).

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