Winery Radovanović


Miodrag Radovanović has inprinted thirty years of experience as an oenologist and the knowledge base gained at the Univeristy of Belgrade into all our wines, making them distinctive and authentic.

As one of the best and most experienced Serbian viticulturists, he knew how to combine the abundance of nature and serious and systematic work, first in the vineyard, and then in the cellar as well.

In our case, the primary and only goal of using modern technology is to preserve what grapes give us when it is harvested and to create a distinct link between its best characteristics and those reflected in our wines.

Along with the production part of the winery, featuring state of the art equipment that enables us to apply the latest information in oenology, we are especially proud of the part of our cellar where, as in a type of art workshop, we keep our highest quality wines in barrique barrels made of French, American and Serbian oaks.

We are playing a game with nature and its gifts which results in the creation of finest wines from Podrum Radovanović.

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