Cabernet Sauvignon Classique (Winery Radovanović)

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A noble variety that exudes style and elegant, soft tones. Already on the vine, this wine absorbs all the best from the rich Å umadija soil and all the lushness of this wine region. A typical varietal wine.

TYPE OF WINE: Dry red wine
VARIETIES: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
SHARACHERISTICS: Clear and intense ruby red colour. The clean aroma has prominent typical varietal characteristics, with dominant notes of ripe sour cherries, cherries and blackberries, followed by a hint of discreet herbal character and pepper notes. The aromatic profile continues to the taste, where this wine exhibits a rounded and clearly defined character. A semi-full body, very smooth and well-balanced wine with vivid acids and soft, ripe tannins. Very smooth in the finale, which is fruity-spicy in character.
ALCOHOL: 14,0 Vol %