Cabernet Sauvignon Franc (Winery Radovanović)

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A perfect combination of spicy tones of Cabernet Sauvignon with subtle shades of barrique and ideally balanced fruit acids. A wine for relaxation.


TYPE OF WINE: Premium quality dry red wine
VARIETIES: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet Franc
SHARACHERISTICS: Eighteen months of aging in wooden barrique barrels resulted in great complexity and power of this wine.

Intense ruby red colour with a slight, bright red glow. The mature, intense and complex aromas are accented by blackberry, ripe sour cherry and black cherry, raspberry, herbal and spicy tones, followed by the notes of vanilla and toast. A full bodied and powerful wine, whose distinct taste is characterised by notes of sour cherry, blueberry, cherry, black currant, vanilla and dark chocolate. The strong tannic structure makes it robust, while the intensive finale shows its full potential and completeness.

ALCOHOL: 13,2 Vol %