PRINCEPS BRUT NATURE 2015 (Winery Deurić)

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Extremely fresh wine on the scent. The aromas of fruit predominate, primarily figs and pears, and secondarily the smell of butter, croissants and nuts with honey and sesame. The tertiary aroma of marzipan completes the very complex aroma of the nose.
It is very lively and fluttery in the mouth. Dominated by citrus notes of lime, acacia blossom and bread crumbs fried in butter.
The finish is very long and almond-shaped.
Its acids are of exceptional quality and in perfect balance with alcohols.
Fresh strawberries, a salad meal with young cheese and hot crispy bun, or carp baked in the oven with rice and vegetables are a good pair for this sparkling wine made by the traditional method.