ICON CAMPANA ALBUS (Winery Zvonko Bogdan)

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Icon Campana Albus, a unique white Sauvignon, is made of grapes harvested from specifically selected locations in our vineyards and carefully aged.
This wine has a complex bouquet, carrying notes of exotic fruit, peaches and grapefruit, but also indicating a delicate minerality, with tones of
bread crust and fresh herbs. Full-bodied, structured and sappy, with hard acids and mineral character, this wine stands out from the crowd with its aromatic and lasting taste.


Grape variety:  Sauvignon Blanc 100%
Location: Palić
Area for wine production in hectares: 0,5  ha
Production kg / ha: 6000 kg /ha
Production: 2000 bottles
Alcohol: 13.5%
Sugar content: dry 0gr/l
pH / acidity: 3.4 / 7.1 gr/l  Aging: Inox 9 months